Common Sense

Okay, here's the deal. If you wake up in the morning experiencing chronic pain, and chronic high blood pressure, why does that constitute an emergency today?

I recently heard an EMS radio report from a basic ambulance service that was bringing a patient to the hospital for "back pain" which had already been diagnosed as a herniated disk in his spine. When this BASIC ambulance service reported the patient's vital signs, it was a little over 200 systolic, and over 100 diastolic. The also stated that the patient had the pain for 2 days and had not taken anything for it, as well as not taken their hypertension medication.

Which begs the question. If the patient had exercised the slightest bit of common sense would an ambulance have been needed? Right now, this patient or their insurance will need to sort out the necessity and payment for services and that is what usually drives healthcare consumers about the necessity of professional medical care. What is going to happen when people have the illusion that it is free? I am referring to the universal healthcare scam that our current administration is trying to force through and sign into law. The reason I use the word "illusion" is because if you have any amount of brains, you know that NOTHING is free. Someone is going to have to pay for it. Do people actually think the government is going to pay for it? HA! If we have learned anything about out current corruption is that they pay themselves first, re-election (special interests), second, and what is left over they pump into useless government programs. History also tells us that any healthcare coverage or FORCED retirement plans are simply extra bank for them to take money from! So what makes this different? Oh ya, it's even MORE MONEY!!!

So let's employ some common sense here. If you have chronic problems and have medication to help you with them -TAKE YOUR MEDICATION AS IT WAS PRESCRIBED TO YOU! If you think universal healthcare is a going to help anyone - WAKE UP AND GET A SNIFF OF REALITY!

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